depraved-indifference-joseph-teller-book-cover-artReviewed by Melanie Kline

A Jaywalker case, Depraved Indifference rockets through from beginning to end. Harrison J. Walker, a.k.a. Jaywalker, is an attorney on a three-year suspension for misconduct when he is seduced by Amanda Drake into representing her husband. Carter Drake is imprisoned and is facing 93 charges, including 9 counts of murder. Jaywalker acts as a private investigator until his suspension is up and he can legally take over the case as counsel.

The book focuses on the investigation and trial of Carter Drake for, among various other things, the deaths of 9 people (8 of whom are children) resulting from an accident that was allegedly caused by his operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. His vehicle was witnessed leaving the scene of an accident where it drove into the oncoming traffic at a high speed and literally ran a passenger van off of the road and over a steep embankment. The van flipped three times and exploded, incinerating everyone inside.

Joseph Teller describes enough of the legal system and laws so that the reader understands what is happening without dwelling on it and getting so in depth that you lose sight of the story at hand. He also created a few twists and turns to keep the book very interesting. I prided myself at seeing through the foreshadowing and figuring out what was about to happen at the trial, yet Teller had another surprise in store and I was amazed and shocked when I reached the ending.

This is a quite entertaining, action-packed book that I would highly recommended reading and that will leave you anticipating the next Jaywalker book.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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