Reviewed by Jen K.

One of the reasons I think that Delicious: Two Friends Share Their Most-Loved Firsts Seconds Thirds is so interesting is that neither of the two authors, Claudia or Dominica, are culinary professionals. Rather, they are two friends with a shared passion for great food. Claudia enjoys a career at Chanel and is otherwise kept busy raising her family. Dominica manages her own interior design company and is renowned for both her cooking skills and attention to detail. The pair was having lunch together one day when they realized that they were each harboring the same dream – to publish a cookbook of their own recipes. They went to work making the dream a reality, calling upon the recipes gathered and honed from years spent feeding their families and hosting dinner parties.

I like that Delicious takes a somewhat non-traditional approach. Instead of using typical chapters like Poultry and Desserts, this is divided into three parts: Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds. Firsts are the starters that kick off the meal. These are the appetizers, soups and salads that awaken your palate for what is to come. Seconds are the star of the show, hearty beef dishes and lighter seafood selections. Of course, Thirds are the sweet finishes at the end of each meal. Both women boast multi-cultural backgrounds and are well traveled, which comes [amazonify]9881809444[/amazonify]through in their recipes. I would call this upper end cooking – the main dishes feature tuna sashimi, quail, sea bass and veal. No ground beef or skinless chicken breasts here! The desserts range from an involved Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake to simple Scones, with tarts, cookies and puddings in between. I was particular captivated by the Apple Packets – apples sandwiched between bread triangles, battered and fried.

I really admire the presentation. This is a beautiful thick paperback, almost a perfect square at 9′ x10″. Glossy white pages are punctuated with bursts of brilliant fuchsia and orange, with fonts to match. Besides being visually appealing, the overall effect is that this appears to be a very modern cookbook, with an up to date approach and recipes. Firsts are marked with orange tabs, Seconds with fuchsia and Thirds with a royal purple. These tabs also indicate to whom the recipe is attributed – Dominica or Claudia. Every recipe shows off with a full page, full color, stunning photograph.

Creating a cookbook and managing to get published seems like such a daunting task. I think it’s so cool that these two women dreamed big and made it happen. They did a fantastic job, creating a cookbook that I am proud to have on my kitchen shelves. Check out two recipes from the book posted on their website: Claudia’s Chocoholics Chocolate Gateau and Dominica’s Mussels in Coconut Cream.

Jen lives in Michigan with her husband and six year old son. She writes reviews of children’s books on her blog, FIRR-Kids and loves filling her shelves with cookbooks.

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