17406847Reviewed by Sarah Horwath

Defy by Sara B. Larson is an action packed thrilling love triangle. Alex/Alexa has hidden as a boy for the past three years in her work as the prince’s guard. And it’s worked–she’s a bad to the bone fighter and no one suspects that she is a girl. However, her entire life is a lie. Until the day she is captured and does not know what to do. Will she make it out of this story alive?

I enjoyed this book. It was very different from the typical books that I read. The world that Alexa lived in grabbed my attention, as did the chemistry between her and Damian. Alexa is awesome. She’s smart and strong and fights like no other. She’s kept the fact that she’s a a girl hidden from everyone and it’s interesting to read her struggles between her two personas. The two boys in the story are quite steamy. I knew who I was rooting for right away, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying all of the swoons these boys were putting out.

There was so much action and mystery in Defy that I never quite knew how the book was going to end. I loved the idea of a girl forced to pretend to be a boy to join the king’s army in order to avoid being thrown into one of the king’s breeding houses. I’m not sure about the breeding houses themselves, as the reason behind them was sketchy to say the least.

One of my favorite things about Defy was Larson’s ability to world build. Alexa and the royal family she fights for live in the middle of a humid and secret holding jungle. While jungles look pretty from far away, the way in which this particular jungle is described makes it seem like a nightmare to live in. It’s hot, sticky, and has one too many terrifying animals and potential killers lurking about. This was really a great book and I would recommend to anyone who loves action filled YA fiction.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Sarah is a college student studying English. One day, she hopes to become an author. For her, reading is much more than just a hobby.

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