17860194Please welcome Molly McAdams, author of Deceiving Lies, as she tours the blogosphere with TLC Book Tours.

Reviewed by Sarah Horwath

In Molly McAdams’ Deceiving Lies, the sequel to Forgiving Lies, Rachel and Kash are supposed to be in love and planning their wedding. But certain things keep happening and derailing the wedding plans at every corner. Rachel’s life is at stake and Kash will do anything to protect her.

I loved and enjoyed Deceiving Lies just as much as I enjoyed Forgiving Lies. Rachel and Kash are super cute together and I love their chemistry. This book is full of twist and turns and keeps you wanting more just like Forgiving Lies did. This book to the story in an interesting direction and introduced the character of Trent who kept me turning pages with his je ne sais quoi.

Deceiving Lies was filled with mystery and suspense–unusual for romance stories but much appreciated. Rachel was an admirable character and showed immense strength given what happened with Blake in the last book and then what happens in this one.

Molly McAdams definitely has a unique writing style. I haven’t liked any of her books in the past but Forgiving Lies and Deceiving Lies have truly made me a fan. I was really immersed in these books and enjoyed every minute spent with Kash, Rachel and Trent. There were definitely some unexpected surprises in this book like there were in the first one but to me that made the story even better. Rachel and Kash have a very true feeling love story and it was easy to emphasize with their trials and triumphs.

I am glad that I gave Molly McAdams another shot and hope to see more books in this new series. I will say that if you have read her books before and were disappointed like I was, give these books a shot with an open mind. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for her readers.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Sarah is a college student studying English. One day, she hopes to become an author. For her, reading is much more than just a hobby.

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