Reviewed by Lauren K.

Darklight, the sequel to Lesley Livingston’s first novel, Wondrous Strange, is a fluid and exciting follow up in the series. The reader is instantly brought up to speed on the life of the half Faerie, half mortal teenager Kelley Winslow. Livingston excels at catching a new reader on the original story line from the first book while at the same time manages not to bore a reader who is familiar with the back story. Both books from Harper Teen are great for any age and the fanciful events are just realistic enough to evoke excitement without too much disbelief.

Back in New York City, Kelley has returned to normalcy; Sonny Flannery, her hero and love, has returned to the Faerie realm to attend to some unfinished business. The two are miserable apart, but know that for the time being their separation is critical to their future. Kelley is very stubborn and head strong, and does not heed instructions to stay away from Central Park and the gate into the Faerie realm. As a result, she has a harrowing run in with an unruly, tattooed leprechaun and is saved only by Janus fighters, who work to protect both worlds.

As the daughter of the Faerie King Auberon and the dark queen Mabh, dark forces are after Kelly both in the Otherworld and in New York. After the attack by the leprechaun, she finds herself reunited with Sonny, only to be ripped away again. When the two meet again, their moment is loving, but brief, and I can only assume that the battle that unfolds with the Green folk only sets the stage for the third book in the series.

Darklight adds more depth to role characters other than just Kelley and Sonny, and although the two do act as dueling narrators as they did in Wondrous Strange, it is nice to see more character development in the sequel.  Livingston has a knack for building the anticipation for the next book without leaving the plot dangling. A great sequel by Leslie Livingston and I look forward to the third installment.

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