When it comes to reading, most people have a favorite author or two. These are the writers that inspire the particular interest and imagination of the reader. Finding a new author can be a lot like looking for a new friend. Picking up one book and breezing through the prose to find out what it is about, and then delving deeper into the stories of the writer to investigate just what type of world they can create. Of course before anyone realizes it, they get hooked. Daniel Handler is such an author.

The Famous Works

With more than 60 million books in print, just about everybody has heard of Lemony Snicket. The Series of Unfortunate Events and All the Wrong Questions series have been showcased and highlighted for years as some truly great literary works. The books make for some great reading for young readers and readers that are young at heart, and they serve to inspire and entertain. However, many readers miss the fact that Snicket is a pen name for Handler and that other books are also available from the author.

Other Works

Other stories by this author include such titles as Adverbs, Hurry Up and Wait, and We Are Pirates. The stories have a distinct grown up flair about them and reveal just how intelligent and entertaining the writer can actually be. By tackling complicated situations and storylines about love and loss, the author grabs the readers’ imagination and takes it for a spin around several interesting and compelling characters. In short, the lesser known works, because of the lack of the famous pen name, simply do not get their fair amount of promotion, but they just might be the best things he ever wrote.

Just about the complete library of this famous writer is readily available in any bookshop or online store, and avid readers looking to take their imagination out for a spin are well rewarded for picking any of them up. However, the books should all come with a warning, because reading one generally leads to grabbing another and then another. Creative story telling through complicated characters is an art form that not everyone can master. While the challenges of creating new territory and exploring new worlds can engulf any writer in a sea of mythology, this is one writer that clearly knows the direction he is going and he manages to lead readers there with some serious skill.