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About the book

Cut Me Loose by Leah Vincent is an electrifying memoir about a young woman’s self-destructive spiral after being cast out by her ultra-Orthodox Jewish family.

Leah Vincent was born into the Yeshivish community, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect that shuns the modern world. She and her ten siblings adored their father, an influential rabbi, and sought his approval as the head of their traditional household. But Leah began to notice and disagree with some aspects of this fundamentalist, male-centered world; she protested her father’s racial slurs and dreamed of going to college. When, at sixteen, Leah was caught exchanging letters with a boy—breaking a religious ban on contact between the sexes—her family cut all ties. Sent to live on her own in New York City, adrift and unprepared for the freedoms of secular life, Leah’s desperate loneliness coupled with her stubborn loyalty to the dogma of her past pulled her into a vicious cycle of promiscuity and self-harm.

It took a shocking state of despair to empower her to transform a life of tragedy into a tale of unexpected triumph, one that illuminates both the oppressive world of religious fundamentalism and the broader issues facing young women from all backgrounds as they grapple with sexuality and identity.

In the vein of Prozac Nation and Girl, Interrupted, this brutally honest memoir tells the story of one woman’s struggle to define herself as an individual.

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