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Julia Demarco has pretty much decided she’s going crazy. After all, her grandfather killed himself after a bout with depression, and her father has manic highs and lows in addition to being a hoarder. So, when the sixteen year old starts seeing a vision of a snowplow crashing into a building and leaving behind nine body bags in its’ wake, she’s shocked and figures the crazies in her gene pool are not helping matters much.

Through incessant bombardment with the vision, Julia finally figures out that the building being hit is a restaurant belonging to her family’s rivals. There’s more than one problem with that, though: Julia has been in love with the enemy’s son, Sawyer Angotti, since they were children. Their families forbid them from any contact years ago, but Julia can’t let that get in the way of saving Sawyer’s life. That is, if he believes her.

Crash left me awed! When I finished it, the cliffhanger ending made me just sit there holding the book going, “What?!?!” Crash had a little bit of everything: family drama, romance, supernatural events, and a main character I loved.

Julia is kind of an outcast at school. She and her younger sister have to drive to school in her family’s food truck, which leads to crude jokes at their expense because the truck just happens to be topped with two giant meatballs. Her only friends are her siblings, and their close relationship is really amazing and reminded me a lot of the ones I have with my sisters and brother. When Julia’s visions begin, she has no one to turn to, and who would want to tell people that was happening to them, anyway? I liked Julia although I didn’t always agree with how she handled things. She came off as a bit OCD (although this was never expressly noted in the book) and her thought process was really one that I could relate to.

Events moved along pretty quickly, and I enjoyed seeing Julia deduce what was going on in her visions. For a girl of only sixteen, it’s really impressive that she didn’t have a nervous breakdown or anything like that, since everywhere she turned all she could see was the deadly crash. Once she had her eye opening moment, she was amazing from then on and didn’t let anything get in the way of what she had decided to do.

Julia and Sawyer’s romance was heartbreaking and sullied by family drama that really had nothing to do with them. Is it a bit Romeo & Juliet? Maybe the tiniest bit, but the reasons that Sawyer and Julia were forced apart were heartbreaking and actually were for the good of them both, at the time. Sawyer is a great guy, and hopefully they can overcome their families’ old problems.

I wouldn’t call this a paranormal novel, because there’s only one out of the ordinary thing happening to just one girl. We are never really told the reasoning behind Julia’s vision, but this is a series and maybe that will be explained later. I cannot wait for the next installment.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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