Reviewed by Kathie Smith

Cows Can’t Quack is a fun read that will delight children from infancy through the early elementary school years.

Babies will be captivated by the rhythm as well as a story that can easily be read in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. Toddlers will enjoy learning animal sounds, recognizing rhymes and looking at whimsical illustrations. Kids up to age 6 will get a kick out of imagining animals making the wrong sounds and studying the reactions of each animal as they hear the unfamiliar sound of an another animal.

The expressive illustrations in Cows Can’t Quack are equally responsible for making it such a delightful book. Each animal is scared silly by the animal before it, running away crying out with their own sound, only to scare the next animal in line. The illustrations successfully complete the charm of the book by depicting hilariously surprised reactions and attempts to flee the scene.

Not only is the book entertaining, it also includes important underlying messages of respect and valuing diversity. Each animal brings an equally important element to the book and their differences are a valuable part of the story. Just as the story would be uninteresting if every animal sounded the same, the world would be dull without each of our own unique qualities.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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Kathie is a writer, wife, mother and volunteer living in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Her passion for the written word is fulfilled by creating her own fictional work, freelancing, acting as an adviser to another author, and reading with her six year old daughter.

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