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About the book

From the author of the breakout The New York Times bestseller On The Island, comes an engrossing and provocative novel about emotional affairs, Covet.

Chris and Claire Canton’s marriage teeters on life support. Downsized due to the recession, Chris has become angry and withdrawn. When he’s offered a position that will keep him away from home four nights a week, he dismisses Claire’s concern that time apart could be the one thing their fragile union can’t weather. Their suburban life may look idyllic on the outside, but Claire has never felt so disconnected from Chris. One night, a local police officer named Daniel pulls Claire over during a routine traffic stop. Another chance encounter leads to a blossoming friendship. Lonely Claire loves the way Daniel makes her feel, and the way his face lights up when she walks into the room. It doesn’t take long before Claire and Daniel are in way over their heads, skating close to the line that Claire has sworn she’ll never cross. As Claire comes closer to questionable actions she never thought herself capable of, she learns that all is not what it seems in many of her friends’ lives.

About the author

Graves lives in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa with her family. She loves hearing from her fans and can be found on Twitter @tgarvisgraves and at www.facebook.com/tgarvisgraves.

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