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Kay Carlson is a talented young writer living in New York City for the first time and working alongside Ben, her good friend from ad school and secret crush. But she feels inadequate at work and in her NYC life, while her older brothers always have her parents’ attention for their successes and girls who fit the ideal “It Girl” persona—fun, flirty, and looking like fashion bloggers and real-life Pinterest pages—always seem to overshadow her. Instead of being the girl who parties every night, Kay has a creative side project: “Copygirl,” a series of short videos she makes using homemade dolls in which she skewers the vapid personalities she sees around her. “Don’t be a Copygirl” her characters warn, a theme Kay struggles with herself as she feels the pressure in every area of her life to be like other girls—the girls who get more attention at work and from the boys. The videos start out as an escape from her day-to-day struggles, and she sends them to her best friend Kellie overseas—until Kellie sets up a website using the videos and lets them go viral. While the website gains international fame, Kay stays anonymous, focusing her energies on winning a big campaign for a major new client—and the affections of Ben in the process.

But Kay is much more talented than she gives herself credit for, a fact that Kellie—and other unexpected allies—notice long before she does, while people she thought she trusted are quick to switch sides. And her quiet rebellion against being like everybody else proves to be her strongest asset.

Mad Men gave us an insider look into what actually happens behind the scenes in the seemingly glamorous world of advertising: the high profile clients, the pressures of creating something brilliant, the hope that a great idea will succeed, the cocktail-filled brainstorming sessions and long lunches, and the difficulties of breaking the glass ceiling as a young woman in an undeniable boys club. Copygirl combines the back-stage drama of an ad agency with a universal coming-of-age story complete with love, friendship, and a healthy dose of feminism—told from two women who know it best. As friends, colleagues, and veterans of the ad world, Mitchael and Sassa deliver a delightfully written and relatable fast-paced story filled with quirky humor and a lot of heart about following your instincts, learning who to trust, and taking big risks.

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