contradictions book coverReviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

Tressa Oliver is a bad girl, drinking, dancing, partying and playing all of the time. She blows off her classwork and finds more enjoyment in hanging out with her roommates and participating in social events than passing her classes.

Trent Lawson is a handsome nerd who is too serious, too boring, all work and no play. Tressa and Trent are obviously incompatible, per Tressa, although the adorable attraction between the two is undeniable. In this fun and easy read, not one that causes too much thought, the reader follows as Tressa changes and Trent attempts to save her from the fall.

After a horrible accident during a night of partying, Tressa realizes it is time to get back on track and make something of herself. In this process, she finds love, loses friends and reevaluates what she wants out of life. She realizes that partying isn’t going to get her where she wants to be and to become who she wants to be. With the help of Trent, the last person she thinks can help her recover from the mess she’s made; Tressa just may end up with her happy ending.

Overall, I enjoyed Contradictions. It was easy to get through, although very juvenile. The flirting was cute and the characters lacked depth, but sometimes a simple book is just what the Doctor ordered. Typically the main male character is the one looking to be saved while the timid female support is waiting in the wings. In this book, it was the opposite. Trent is shy and inexperienced, while Tressa is tough and rough around the edges. Although this book was “cheesy,” it hit the spot and I was able to breeze through it quite quickly. If you are looking for a fun fast read, this is the way to go.

My only issue was that I had not read the previous two books, which makes me unsure of the characters and if they played a part throughout the series. If so, this could be why some of the characters lacked depth for me and why I couldn’t come to love them as I would have if I followed them from the beginning.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Rebecca is passionate and insane, empathetic and aggressive, loud and predictable. She loves reading, writing, shopping and creating. She is what she is and it may not be what the world wants but it is what it is. Love.

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