818U4NewdlL._SL1500_I have a copy of Constance Harding’s (Rather) Startling Year by Ceri Radford to give away!

About the book

Constance Harding’s (Rather) Startling Year hilariously observes what happens when a delightfully oblivious Surrey housewife—think Bridget Jones’s insanely daffy mother—pulls back the curtain on her chintz-covered domestic fairy tale and goes in search of a life of her own. Constance has filled her time leading a bell-ringing club on Tuesday evenings, and concocting ways to get her son Rupert to settle down and her daughter Sophie to wear appropriate clothing and snag a smart man. But like it or not, change is in the air. Constance is about to learn that her perfect home conceals a scandal that would make the vicar blush. Her Lithuanian housekeeper’s polyester underwear keeps appearing in her husband’s study, and her husband is—well, let’s just say his career is going south—all the way to South America. But as Constance’s family life seems to be falling apart, she begins to discover a whole new side of both herself and the world around her. And she’s putting it all in her blog-thingy.

Side-splittingly funny, Constance Harding’s (Rather) Startling Year is a witty, sharply observed and relatable tale of one woman’s midlife crisis and self-discovery (well, sort of).

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