Reviewed by Poppy Johnson

Coming Home by Mariah Stewart begins by setting up the scenes for the reader as to the details of the characters and their individual relationships. Grady Shields and Vanessa Keaton are the main characters in the story. Vanessa owns a boutique in St. Dennis, and she is working on developing a relationship with her half brother Beck. Her father, Hal Garrity, has welcomed her back, and the upcoming wedding of another character, Mia, weaves in and out of the story line throughout the book.

Beck and his mother Maggie share family secrets. It takes the author a while to set up the scene enough for the reader to begin to care about the characters, since all of the background information is listed like a playbill, or rolling credits, instead of acted out through actions. When Grady meets Vanessa, it offers them a chance to find love again. The same goes for Hal and Maggie and after many long years, they are interested in love again.

The characters in Coming Home struggle with making the right decision about the people they should, or should not, let into their lives. At the same time, they struggle with personal issues and with managing the emotional ties to their respective pasts. As the characters open themselves to love again, readers will begin to identify with them at every turn. The result is a truly heartwarming story recommended for readers of all ages.

Rating: 3.5/5

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