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In the previous two books in this trilogy, Olivia Germaine met and fell in love with a man who wasn’t her husband. Now that she’s made her decision, she’s found that leaving Bill for David Dylan isn’t “happily ever after,” but rather the beginning of a long, and emotionally painful experience. One she’s not at all certain she can handle. After all, if she couldn’t commit to her husband, what makes her think she can commit to David?

Olivia isn’t’t the only one with challenges. David finally has the woman he loves and wants to spend his life with. But he just can’t get her to open up to him. She approaches him carefully, as though bracing herself for pain and rejection. And David demands all of her, uninhibited and unafraid. He won’t settle for less than everything. When she gradually begins putting her trust in him, their relationship only strengthens. Until she confides in him the one thing that could destroy it all.

With the popularity of the E.L. James trilogy has come a rash of independent authors capitalizing on this new-found frontier of mainstream erotica. Like so many of these books, The Cityscape Series features a troubled heroine and the most alpha of alpha heroes. What sets the work of Jessica Hawkins apart from other independent romance authors is her dedication not only to story, but to quality writing.

She overcomes the challenge of telling the love story of two cheaters with ease–you will not want Olivia to stay with Bill. She populates the story with compelling and multi-dimensional side characters: Gretchen, the unrefined yet charming best friend; Brian, the almost-as-good-looking-as-David guy friend; Jessa, David’s flawed, but deeply loving sister; and many more. And she creates a complex story while still filling the pages with the steamy, playful love scenes that readers of this genre crave.

If you’ve read the first two books in the series and are wondering, as I was, “What’s left to tell?”, trust me, Come Together won’t disappoint. If you haven’t read the trilogy, but are looking for a pick-me-up after coming down off of your Fifty Shades of Grey hangover, give the Cityscape Series a try. A definite must for fans of contemporary romance with strong eroticism.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

A.D. Cole is a homeschooling mother and aspiring romance novelist. She lives in the Ozark foothills and spends her free time reading, writing, baking and pondering life’s little mysteries.

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