code white book coverReviewed by Amanda Schafer

What would you do if you were the head of security at a hospital and you received a text message that a bomb was set to go off at any moment?  You’d call a Code White which is exactly what Harry Lewton does in this day of crisis.  However, he’s been given strict instructions by the bomber not to evacuate and to keep things running as normal, so Harry has to be quite cautious in his actions.

Dr. Ali O’Day is in the middle of a ground-breaking brain surgery when the Code White comes over the hospital speakers, but since they have a camera crew in the operating room for this special operation none of the staff present can react the way they need or want to. Figuring it is a drill and not a real emergency they all continue on with the surgery and ignore the voice on the speakers. Only after they have finished the procedure do they realize that it’s not a drill and the threat is quite real.

Ali’s ex-husband, Kevin, is the bomber. But Kevin is not alone. Kevin has built a super-computer named Odin who can calculate responses, medical procedures and probable outcomes, and even predict a person’s response to something after working closely with them for months. Kevin and Odin, along with Ali and a few other doctors, have created SIPNI, a specialized device for this surgery, in order to hopefully rewire a young boy’s brain to return his eyesight. However, in the midst of building this medical creation, Kevin has also decided to enact revenge on the hospital and on Ali by setting up multiple bombs throughout the hospital grounds. Little does Kevin know that Odin has taken tiny nuances from Kevin and taken control of their bomb project. When Odin blows up one of their bombs on his own, Kevin realizes that Odin is out of control.

Ali works with Harry Lewton to save the hospital after she figures out that Kevin is trying to get revenge on her. But can they stop the bombs from going off before time runs out? What will happen to Kevin once this day is done?

Code White was really a very involved and detailed book, but was a delight to read! Once I got started I wanted to keep reading and not stop till I figured everything out.  At first I was disappointed that we know early on Kevin is the bomber, but since we know this we are able to go deeper into his character and know more about why he did it and how he planned on pulling it off. There were a few things that were a bit over-the-top and unbelievable, but not so much that I couldn’t move past them and enjoy the story. I would gladly pick up another Scott Britz-Cunningham novel and dive in!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Amanda lives in Missouri with her engineering husband, two sons, and one daughter. In between homeschooling and keeping up with church activities she loves to read Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and any Chick-Lit. She never goes anywhere without a book to read!

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