clam wake book coverReviewed by Charity Lyman

I have recently gotten on a mystery kick. I love reading suspense stories and finding out who-dun-it and the why behind the murder. I am always looking for new authors to enjoy in this genre and while I liked Clam Wake, I am not sure I will be reading any more by this author.

Clam Wake is part of the Bed and Breakfast Mystery series and keeping all the characters straight was a bit hard. I believe there are over 20 books already in the series and starting in the middle without reading any of the previous installments was challenging, to say the least.

I’ll try to lay out the gist of the story as I saw it. Judith is married to Joe and they run a bed and breakfast–hence the name of the series. Joe is leaving on a vacation and while Judith doesn’t like to be left behind, she just might have some excitement with cousin Renie as they house sit for her aunt and uncle. After all, it isn’t every day you find a dead body, right? Well, it may not be the norm for most people but with Judith and Renie it seems to be quite a common occurrence. This time around the body is found on the beach and the murdered man has no obvious enemies. It is up to Judith and Renie to find the killer before he attacks again.

Now, one of the main reasons I will not be reading any more in this series was the language. Believe me, I read books with swearing and I can stand some of it but this book has over 20 words in the first 50 pages. Sorry but just a bit much for me. The main reason, however, is that I just could not get interested in the story! I kept reading and pushing myself to flip pages but it didn’t develop that pull for me to read through to the end. I found some humor in it and at one point I was laughing quite hard over Renie and her sarcasm but I also think that she bordered on rude and hard–not a likable type of character at all. The plot sounded interesting from the back of the book and if you like a mystery where the woman is harsh and crass, then this is your type of book. Just not my cup of tea.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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