Reviewed by Alisha C.

The introduction to Choices and Illusions promises personal stories to illustrate and reinforce presented ideas, but the stories are short and lack in substance. However, many of the stories do provide references to other books (also authored by Taylor) for further “in-depth” explanation and understanding.

Choices and Illusions begins with a familiar story about a hawk raised by chickens. The story illustrates how the hawk’s “chicken beliefs” hold it back from making the right choices and true success as a hawk. The story is intended to show the illusion of choice and how our environment and upbringing may inhibit us from our maximum potential and influences each of the choices we make. Taylor stretches the story further to show the choices we make could be misguided and based on influences from sources we do not consciously recognize.

The book seems to be a vehicle for encouraging the use of Taylor’s subliminal tape system, InnerTalk. The system is designed to reprogram your thinking in order to shape your choices, enabling your true success. The book merely illustrates and explains the need to reprogram your thinking through the use of InnerTalk.

Choices and Illusions is written in true infomercial form complete with testimonials from others who have had success with the system. And like any infomercial, it lacks substance, suggesting only one solution to overcome and succeed: InnerTalk, over 400 different titles: everything from self improvement titles such as “Courage,” “Honesty” and “Leadership,” physical enhancements like “Clear Skin” or “Natural Breast Enlargement” and mental health enhancements such as “Attracting and Enhancing Romance” and “Releasing the Fear of Rejection.”

The book is not very beneficial to those who want to explore other ways to change how their choices are influenced. The presented ideas merely lead you to other sources for information or to the subliminal tape system to change the choices you make. I would suggest that if you are interested in Taylor’s theories and products, it may be best to review his websites rather than purchasing this book.

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