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21 03, 2017

Review: The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

By | March 21st, 2017|Categories: Adventures & Thrillers, Children's Books, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Wizards & Witches, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , |4 Comments


bone witch book coverReviewed by Sarah Lelonek

I knew I would like this book. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco intrigued me with its descriptive story telling and unique characters. I fell in love with the world the author created, and wanted to know more about every character.

Tea lived in a small town–a town that is part of a magical world where only certain types of magic are warmly regarded. When Tea accidentally summons her brother back from the dead, she has to come to terms with being a “bone witch” and a wielder of the dark arts. As Tea begins her training as an asha, a wielder of strong magic, she learns all magic is not equal and some is prosecuted against–even if she and the few other bone witches are all that stands between life and death for her world.

4 02, 2017

Review: Supremacy by Christin Lee

By | February 4th, 2017|Categories: Children's Books, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , |4 Comments


supremacy book coverReviewed by Bethany Kelly

Supremacy, the first in a series written by Christin Lee, is a fantasy young adult novel with a magical twist.

Kate Parker is a seemingly normal teenager. She’s on the swim team, has two very different best friends, is very close with her family, and loves animals.

However, after meeting Lucas – a mysterious exchange student with pain in the depths of his brown eyes – her life becomes anything but normal. As she finds out more and more about Lucas and his past, she realizes that she may have gotten more than she bargained for the day she fixed his motorcycle and their connection formed.

20 10, 2016

Review: Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast

By | October 20th, 2016|Categories: Children's Books, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , |2 Comments


moon chosen book coverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Mari feels like an outcast among her clan, called Earth Walkers. Like her mother, she has the unique ability to use the powers of the moon to heal. But her father, a man she never knew, was of another clan. Once Mari bonds with a canine Companion, she begins to learn more about the people whom her father belonged to. Mari had always expected to take up her mother’s mantle, but destiny has chosen another path for her. Mari, with the help of her Companion, and Nik, the son of her clan’s rival, may be the one needed to bring solidarity between the two tribes.

P.C. Cast has been a longtime favorite author of mine, with the exception of her co-authored House of Night series. Moon Chosen was an obvious read for me; I was curious to see how P.C. Cast would do solo-penning a YA series, but unfortunately for me, this effort failed on a few fronts.

22 04, 2016

Review: Blest by Blaise Lucey

By | April 22nd, 2016|Categories: Children's Books, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , , |1 Comment


blest book coverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

If William Shakespeare had ever written a tale of angels and demons, it might have turned out something like Blaise Lucey’s Blest, the first in a paranormal series (I hope) about a demon girl and an angel boy who fall for each other before learning that they are enemies. Claire is new to town, and Jim is something of an outcast. But they connect and eventually fall in love with one another, until discovering that they are on different sides of an Endless War.

Not only must they learn their respective places within their new “families,” but they must also navigate through high school—the Homecoming Dance, other romantic possibilities, jealousy, lies, and even death.

When Jim accepts his wings, he doesn’t fully understand what his parents felt that they had given up to provide a normal life

5 02, 2016

Review: Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano

By | February 5th, 2016|Categories: Children's Books, Family, For Teens, Gift Ideas, Mysteries, New Experiences, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Social Issues, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , , , |4 Comments


diary of a haunting book coverReviewed by Nina Longfield

Young Paige Blanton, a junior in high school, seems to have the perfect life. She is popular, well liked, and has a decent family life. Until reality hits. Her father leaves them for a younger woman. Her parents fight through a bitter high profile Los Angeles divorce. If that wasn’t enough, Paige’s mother uproots Paige and her younger brother and relocates to a small college town in western Idaho.

Suddenly, Paige is living a broken life. Diary of a Haunting is Paige’s record of her life in the aftermath of her parent’s divorce. Despite the drafty old house, no furniture (the moving van is delayed), cold weather, and new school, Paige is trying to make the best of her situation. Or is she? Her mother is willingly going back to college

4 02, 2016

Review: Darken the Stars by Amy A. Bartol

By | February 4th, 2016|Categories: Children's Books, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , , |4 Comments


darken the stars book coverReviewed by Sarah Lelonek

I have a problem ending series. I really do. Usually it’s because I love the series so much I don’t want the story to end. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Amy A. Bartol’s newest series. While I enjoyed the first book, Under Different Stars, I wasn’t in love with it. I hoped the story would further draw me in as the books progressed, however, this was not the case. By the third installment, Darken the Stars, I was done. I had to force myself to finish the novel, enjoying very little about the story and characters.

Kricket, a half-breed from a world similar to earth but with more advanced technology, finds herself captured by Kyon, who is rather forceful with his pledge to make Kricket his own. What I

26 01, 2016

Review: Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready

By | January 26th, 2016|Categories: Children's Books, Drugs & Alcohol Abuse, Horror, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Social Issues, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , , , |3 Comments


shade book coverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Like all others born after the Shift, 16-year-old Aura, her boyfriend Logan, and most of their friends can see ghosts. No one exactly knows how or why this is, but Aura is determined to find out and put an end to it. Aura’s world shatters on the night of Logan’s birthday, the night that was supposed to be “the best night ever.” Everything starts out perfectly: Logan’s band is offered contracts from two different recording companies and Aura and Logan are finally going to lose their virginity. In one moment of utter stupidity, Logan makes a rash decision that ends his life.

If Logan hadn’t stuck around as a ghost with a violet hue, Aura would have an easier time moving on with her own life. The presence of Logan’s spirit makes it seem as if

7 11, 2015

Review: About a Girl by Sarah McCarry

By | November 7th, 2015|Categories: Children's Books, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , |2 Comments


about a girl book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

About a Girl is the story of one young woman’s journey to find sexuality, identity, family, and purpose. Atalanta, or Tally for short, is a young girl approaching her 18th birthday. She is struggling with finding herself amidst the chaos that has been her life. Tally set a path for herself – astronomer, physics, brains, study, etc.- in order to feel some stability and push back the questions ringing in her ears. But internally, Tally is struggling desperately with every other aspect of her life.

Born to a mother who abandoned her, Tally was adopted by her aunt and her non-biological uncle. She spends her time around them, around her grandmother, and with her best friend, Shane. Her life is not bad and she loves her family but her mother’s abandonment and lack of closure about her

25 10, 2015

Review: Under Different Stars by Amy A. Bartol

By | October 25th, 2015|Categories: Children's Books, Love & Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Series, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , , |3 Comments


under different stars book coverReviewed by Sarah Lelonek

I’m quite well-versed with Amy A. Bartol, having read her Premonition series and still waiting patiently for the next book. When I heard she had a new young adult series in the mix, I was intrigued. Under Different Stars, book one in the Kricket series, took Bartol’s fast-paced writing from her previous series and added the complexities of developing a new world.

Kricket Hallowell is a victim of Chicago’s foster care system. After her parents died when she was a small child, Kricket learned quickly to work hard, trust few, and hold out until she was 18. Unfortunately, a few months before her eighteenth birthday, mysterious tall and rather well-built men come looking for Kricket. One group claims to be her friends while the other says she must pay penitence for her family’s sins. Both

7 07, 2015

Review: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige McKenzie

By | July 7th, 2015|Categories: Children's Books, Horror, Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult|Tags: , , , , , |4 Comments


haunting of sunshine girl book coverReviewed by Lauren Cannavino

Sixteen-year old Sunshine Griffith is less than thrilled about moving to “creeptastic” Ridgemont, Washington from Austin, Texas, but having no say in the matter, she decides to give it a chance. Along with her mother Kat, their dog and cat, the little family settles into their large, older home while Kat prepares for her new position as head nurse at Ridgemont Hospital. The house and the area immediately give Sunshine an uneasy feeling and soon she will learn the root causes of those feelings in a strange and haunting fashion. Kat and Sunshine are close; Sunshine is adopted and the two interact with love, humor and fun conversations/traditions, acting more like friends than mother/daughter at times. When the darkness that Sunshine immediately senses begins to manifest, that dynamic will dramatically shift.

With her mother at