Review: The Bad Apple by T.R. Burns

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9781442440302_p0_v4_s260x420Reviewed by Carrie Ardoin

Seamus Hinkle has been in trouble at school before–but nothing as serious as the kind of trouble he’s in now. In fact, he’s done something so bad that his parents decide to send him away to the rough Kilter Academy, which promises to give him a complete turnaround.

But once Seamus gets to Kilter Academy, he’s both shocked and a little bit horrified to learn that the boarding school is actually a training ground for misbehaved kids to develop into professional Troublemakers! Although Seamus is ashamed of what he did to earn his ticket to Kilter, he soon discovers that he has a natural knack for getting into trouble–and at this school, that makes him the star pupil.

The Bad Apple was a cute middle grade novel with heart, and a unique take on the “kid gets sent away to