Reviewed by Jessa L.

Guinevere (Gwen) is a feisty Celtic tomboy who has no desire to adopt the ways of a “proper” lady. She feels no need to speak Latin, wear dresses, or be married off to some unknown King. She honors the old ways and the Pagan Gods and Goddesses and cannot imagine moving away from her own kingdom. She simply wants to rule the people she’s always known in the land she’s grown up in and to marry the man of her choice.

Regardless of her own desires, Gwen realizes that she does need to learn some etiquette in preparation to rule whatever kingdom she eventually marries into. And although she finds dresses and sewing a tedious chore, she does enjoy gaining knowledge of a world she has yet to see. She soon finds herself betrothed to the newly crowned King Arthur and although she promises herself that she will not become a Roman Christian, she doesn’t object to the young king as much as she thought she would.

Persia Woolley weaves the traditional tale of King Arthur into the story of Gwen, future Queen Guinevere. Child of the Northern Spring follows Gwen as she grows from a young child to a young woman who must learn to rule a kingdom and gain the love and trust of her people. We are allowed a peek into what life must have been like for a young princess who had to accept the responsibilities that come along with being nobility. 

I found it interesting that Child of the Northern Spring was valuable enough from a publisher’s point of view to be republished a second time. It was originally published in 1987 and picked back up in 2010.

Child of the Northern Spring starts off by hopping back and forth from the past to the present. We skip from Gwen growing up and learning what it takes to be a Queen, to her travels as she meets the mysterious young King that she is soon to marry. Eventually the story catches up to the present and we watch as Gwen meets Arthur and the people she is to rule by his side. I couldn’t pull myself away due to the anticipation of the eventual wedding. Child of the Northern Spring is the first in a trilogy and I cannot wait to continue with the story!

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