chesed's order book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Written by J. Aaron Culpepper and illustrated by Benjamin Schipper, Chesed’s Order tells the tale of Heaven’s preparation and celebration of the Savior’s birth. Among the angels is Chesed, who is perplexed by the choice of revealing the Savior’s coming to shepherds, but longs to be a part of that proclamation. But when he discovers that he has been left out of the order, he worries that he will miss the opportunity to view the savior’s birth. Perhaps there’s a special assignment just for Chesed!

Featuring vivid, colorful illustrations and an original tale about the moments leading up to Christ’s birth, this book would be an excellent one to read with the family before Christmas for a different perspective. The author also includes helpful notes at the end of the story to provide biblical background and context for his tale.

This book is described as a children’s book, but it reads more like a short story for adults or teenagers with its complex language, detail and sentence structure. My young daughter was not interested in sitting down for a reading of this book, though she enjoyed the images. Despite this, however, it’s a very interesting story that older readers are sure to enjoy.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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