Reviewed by Melanie Kline

Cat Calls is described to be full of practical advice for cat owners and stories of Jeanne Adlon’s experiences as a cat sitter. Adopting, feeding, indoor vs. outdoor, litter boxes, health, behavior issues, playtime and special occasions are all covered with Adlon’s anecdotes mixed throughout.

As I have a multiple cat household, I was excited to learn anything that could be of assistance and settled into my recliner with Spot on my lap and Wilson on my feet. Unfortunately, the only thing I took away from this quiet reading time was cat hair all over my pants and socks. Cat Calls, to me, is exactly the same as every other cat informational book out there and to be quite frank, I didn’t find even one of Adlon’s stories even remotely funny. In fact, I never even cracked a smile.

I was also disappointed at the one-sidedness of the book. Adlon and Logan give advice on preparing your home for a cat, introducing the cat to your home, introducing your new cat to your other cats, dogs, birds, fish and other animals, but nothing on what to do if you already have cats and want to introduce dogs, fish, etc. to them. I thought that I would learn both sides of the equation, but I was sadly mistaken. I still have no idea what to do with my cats if I should decide to bring a dog, fish, bird, snake or whatever into my home.

I would recommend Cat Calls only to those who have not only never owned a cat, but also never had much exposure to them. There really isn’t a lot to be learned from reading this book if you have ever been exposed to a cat for even the shortest visit.

Rating: 0.5/5

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Square One Publishers. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.