shutterstock_107893814-300x257The debate over the merits of reading an actual book versus reading an e-book on your reader or phone is not likely to end anytime soon. It may all come down to personal taste but are there advantages to reading a hefty tome on your phone as opposed to the joy of cracking the spine of a brand new hardback?

Digital book sales have been showing rapid growth recently but still haven’t overtaken paper copies. E-books count for around 25% of the total market in countries such as the UK and the US. However, we are now entering an age where people are starting to rely heavily on their tablets and smart phones as their sole means of entertainment, and this includes reading books. No matter how much of a book-fiend you are, there are a few benefits to reading an e-book on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3 and here are just a couple of them.

Instant access and free e-books

Using smart phones means that you are always online and connected with instant access to millions of books. With online retailers such as Amazon, Lulu or Barnes and Noble you can receive the book of your choice directly to your phone simply by touching the screen. There’s also the option of hunting out the thousands of free e-books available from these online retailers. Another advantage of using digital copies is that you are now free from clutter; no more piles of books taking up space around the home.

Read a book anytime, anywhere

Portability is another benefit of choosing to read books on digital devices such as cell phones. Take the Samsung Galaxy S3 as an example: this phone offers 16GB of memory and that’s enough space to hold approximately 80,000 books. If you are traveling for an extended period of time or simply going on vacation then there’s no need to stuff your bags with books when you can simply download them to your phone. Many e-readers also offer a Smart Stay feature that recognizes when you are looking at the screen and maintains display brightness for easy reading.

Paper books will still be around for a long time but it’s definitely worth considering e-books and smart devices. If you’re an avid reader then chances are you will want the best of both worlds and use both paper books and e-books.