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Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

The readers of Carolina Gold will find themselves submerged in Charlotte’s plight of trying to save Fairhaven, her family’s rice plantation in South Carolina. The Civil War has ended, all of her friends and neighbors are struggling like her to make ends meet, all of her family’s bondsmen are free and charging for their services now, and she has to come to terms with her father’s passing and no documentation stating that Fairhaven is hers. During the war, the rice plantations and homes were ransacked, leaving nothing behind. Everything of value was taken away. Charlotte finds herself with a plantation home but none of the furnishings she is used to, which is a bit hard for her to adjust to at first. How will she survive in these difficult times?

Charlotte struggles to make ends meet and continues to watch her rice crops be destroyed by the weather at every turn; no matter what she does to prevent the loss, the weather prevails. She decides to take on tutoring for a neighbor’s children, Marie-Claire and Anne-Louise, who are in need of schooling and female companionship. Along the way Charlotte finds an orphan named Daniel who connects with her and becomes family to Charlotte (helping to work her rice crops) and a friend to Marie-Claire and Anne-Louise. Charlotte and Nicholas (the girls’ father) become fast friends but their lives hit a rock when Nicholas comes to believe that his family owns Charlotte’s land. The two struggle with this knowledge and search for answers to make them both happy. What they uncover may change everything for them both.

Throughout the story we, the readers, are shown Charlotte’s life and struggles. We see how she grows as a person by forgiving those who hurt her and we are able to see her friendships and love develop and evolve. The readers will find themselves rooting for Charlotte and Nicholas to succeed and become more than friends.

I highly recommend Carolina Gold by Dorothy Love to all who have either enjoyed her previous books or to those looking for a quick fun read. This story was well written and flowed nicely.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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