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Reviewed by Lauren Cannavino

Every now and then it’s nice to read a book that is outside the realm of what you would normally read. For me, a historical fiction novel that is about adventure and love on a navy ship would usually is not a book that I would typically reach for. That said, I am happy that I made the leap because I really enjoyed Captain Blackwell’s Prize by V.E. Ulett. This is not just a tale of love on a pirate ship, but instead a piece of historical fiction that blends British Naval history and details into a pleasing love story. There were times when the book was a bit over descriptive and wordy, but the story managed to surpass the focus on minute details and moved along nicely as the book progressed.

Captain Blackwell’s Prize is the story of the larger than life, rough and tough, British Sea Captain James Blackwell. When Captain Blackwell and his ship the Inconstant overtake the Spanish ship the La Trinidad, one of the prizes of the conquest is a beautiful and mysterious woman named Mercedes. Captain Blackwell is immediately taken by her beauty and restrains himself from immediately taking her as his own, but the infatuation and interest is clearly there. While some of the unfolding of the couple’s relationship is a bit predictable, the interaction and exchanges between the two are very enjoyable. Mercedes is smart and holds her own and maintains her place with Captain Blackwell.

The story goes through a sequence of events that I honestly was not expecting, and as a result, more of the secondary characters receive attention and develop their own interesting stories in the process. V.E. Ulett guides the plot along nicely, and I found myself wanting to read more the closer the story got to the end. I was pleased with the outcome of the book and was happy to discover that there is a sequel to continue the adventure.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

About the author

A long time resident of California, V.E. Ulett is an avid reader as well as writer of historical fiction. V.E. is a member of the National Books Critics Circle and an active member and reviewer for the Historical Novel Society. Eighteenth and nineteenth century journals and letters inspired the writing of Captain Blackwell’s Prize. The sequel takes Captain Blackwell and Mercedes to the far side of the world, on a new personal, and cultural adventure.

Lauren Cannavino is a graduate student, freelance writer, wine lover, and avid reader. Random musings can be found over at www.goldiesays.com.

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