This weekend, I finally got a new bookshelf to address the mountain of books building up on top of other (already full) bookshelves and tables. Naturally, my husband asked when my book collecting was going to stop (probably never) and how many more bookshelves we’d have to buy (we’ll have to wait and see). Bookshelves aside, in my house, books come and go, but I always try to be cost and space conscious – so books have to come and go.

Here’s where my books come from:

1. BN.com Bargain Books Section – I love Amazon, but am partial to the BN.com bargain section (they do have sale books at stores, but the online section is so much more extensive. In fact, I used the bargain books from BN.com to begin building my collection many years back.

2. Tesco.com – if you’re in the UK, sites like Tesco can be a treasure trove of book bargains and they always have a huge selection of books. I use Tesco to order little gifts for my overseas reader friends.

3. Review Copies as a book blogger, I get tons of review copies. Most are sent out to my reviewers, the ones I love claim a permanent spot on one of my bookshelves, and the rest are given away once they are reviewed.

Here’s where my books go:

1. Freecycle.org – I often post books I no longer wish to keep on Freecycle. I list the books and when an interested party responds, I put the box out on my porch. Within hours, they’re gone – to be enjoyed by someone else.

2. Local library – most books I get as review copies are advanced readers’ copies. However, if they are finished copies, I sometimes donate them to the local library.

3. Contests – I sometimes hold “closet cleaning” contests to get rid of the overflow.

This is a partnered post. As always, all my opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources.