Reviewed by Sarah C.

Busy Woman Seeks Wife is the story of a London executive, Alex Hill, who takes a look at her busy, hectic life and realizes that it is more than a simple maid that she needs. She needs a wife, someone who can do everything that Alex is too busy to do all by herself… and that’s pretty much everything! The ad she puts out in the local paper produces a woman who is both exuberant and capable. And yet, someone, not the typical “wife” and male appears behind the scenes, and Alex’s life takes a different spin.

Busy Woman Seeks Wife draws you in at the first page; it starts out with light, quirky dialogue and an amusing scenario. Unfortunately, it doesn’t keep to the path, and begins to stray roughly after chapter one.

The story seemed to drag on for me, it was almost like watching a movie on Lifetime because there is nothing good on and you need something to look at while vacuuming. I found the writing to be easy to read but not gripping enough to keep my attention span from wandering. Oftentimes, ‘funny’ came off as ‘What?’. It is definitely not something I would put on my keeper shelf, maybe on the bathroom rack.