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About the book

If Nora Ephron and Amy Schumer had a baby, it would sound a lot like Kim Addonizio. Like Mary Karr before her, Addonizio turns her poet’s sensibility to the art of memoir. In Bukowski in a Sundress: Confessions from a Writing Life, Addonizio gives readers a backstage look at her life in letters—the good, the bad, and the hilarious. From surviving alcohol-fueled hook-ups at writer’s conferences to explaining the appearance of one of her stories in Penthouse to her teenage daughter to visiting her mother in the Geriatric Psych Ward, Addonizio writes with verve and candor about love, lust, family, and her career.

Addonizio has been hailed as “one of our nation’s most provocative and edgy poets.” It was a literary critic who first described Addonizio as “Bukowski in a sundress.” Though she suspected he was not being complimentary, Addonizio chose to embrace her new moniker because, she explains, it’s preferable to be a writer who is spoken about than one who is ignored. In chapters like “What Writers Do All Day” and “How to Succeed in Po Biz,” she illuminates what life is like as a writer, sharing stories of poorly attended readings, sexual advances from workshop students, and the mental wrestling matches and crippling self-doubt involved in getting words onto paper.

Equally compelling are the poignant and often uproarious stories about Addonizio’s family and romantic partners. Addonizio writes honestly and empathetically about her tennis champ mother whom she assisted through old age, her father who instilled in her a love of poetry, and her now adult daughter. Along the way, readers meet boyfriends, flings, and ex-husbands, all wrought in exquisite detail. With a glass of wine in hand, Addonizio chronicles the joys and indignities of being a writer, the optimistic bloom of new love followed by the crushing low of its unraveling, and the emotional obstacle course of familial ties.

At once intimate and outrageous, Bukowski in a Sundress is a seductive cocktail of wit, heart, and utter originality.

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