best of bridge home preserving book coverReviewed by Amanda Schafer

I *love* cookbooks!  I enjoy just reading them and browsing through the different categories and seeing which recipes I might want to try. If a cookbook has pictures to coincide with the recipes, even better! In Best of Bridge Home Preserving we get many recipes to preserve and can sweet and savory treats, pictures to go with several of them, and very practical home canning instructions.

The cookbook starts out with the basic instructions on canning, but offers them in such a way that makes canning and preserving not intimidating, as it is typically viewed by many first-timers. Equipment needed, basic terminologies, and tips for success are just a few of the aspects covered in this introductory section of the book. The only negative I found in terms of the way this particular cookbook was written is that it’s in ALL capital letters, which most of us know to be “yelling” in Internet-terms. If you can get past that, then you’ll likely enjoy this cookbook.

I attempted to make Traditional Strawberry Jam, following their recipe exactly. My jam didn’t “set” as it was supposed to even after the amount of boiling time had passed according to the instructions. I continued boiling (and boiling and boiling) until I had more than doubled the boiling time and my results weren’t where they were supposed to be, according to the Tips for Success section of the book. I went ahead and jarred my jam and it came out alright. Not solid jam, as it should be, but not bad. I’m still not sure why it didn’t work, but I would still be willing to give it another try. I love that this cookbook is so basic and straightforward.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Amanda lives in Missouri with her engineering husband, two sons, and one daughter. In between homeschooling and keeping up with church activities she loves to read Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and any Chick-Lit. She never goes anywhere without a book to read!

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