Reviewed by Megan Saldecki

Cate Cahill has a secret. Her and her two sisters are witches. She promised her mother she would protect Maura and Tess, so she’s doing everything in her power to keep this a secret from her nosy neighbors and the terrifying Brotherhood, who ship girls like the Cahill sisters off to the prison ship or Harwood, the mental asylum.

But with the days counting down quickly to the time she has to announce either a marriage or joining the Sisterhood, Cate struggles even more with keeping her and her sisters’ secrets locked away. And when she finds her mother’s diary, she uncovers the biggest secret yet – one that could mean the destruction of her family.

Cate has to learn exactly whom she can trust, including her very own sisters.

Born Wicked had one of those synopses that stand out and make you want to read that novel. The plot inside was even better.

I admire Cate Cahill. She’s strong and brave, even though sometimes she’d rather not be. She is such an incredible older sister to Maura and Tess, even if they don’t see it sometimes. She would go to great lengths to protect them, and in fact, she does go to many lengths for them throughout Born Wicked. You can tell how torn apart her family is, since her mother passed away and how confused and vulnerable Cate is with no one to guide her with her and her sisters’ magic anymore.

With being so confused about whether to get married or join the Sisterhood, I think she made a wonderful decision. The entire time, she only had her sisters in mind, never her own happiness, which I found very moving.

The love triangle in Born Wicked is so realistic for the time. Should Cate marry for love or security? Or should she go to the Sisterhood? So many novels today throw in a love triangle for no reason, or include a contrived instant love connection. That is not the case with Born Wicked – the romance is realistic and plain amazing.

Overall, I absolutely loved Born Wicked. It became of my favorite witch stories and I’ll definitely be reading more about the Cahill sisters in the future. I would highly recommend this to fans of the witch and paranormal romance genres.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Meghan is a 18-year-old book blogger. She likes to read and write in her spare time and would like to become a published author one day. She plans on going to college soon.

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