Reviewed by J. Randayle Greyson

BookLending.com had me at “Login”. I already have half a billion usernames and passwords to remember, and apparently the creators of BookLending.com do too, because with three clicks, you can link this site to your Facebook as a login.

A few rules about Kindle lending according to BookLending.com:

  • A book can only be loaned by one Kindle user to another for 14 days
  • Not all books are lendable
  • Each Kindle book you own can only be loaned once
  • People without a Kindle can still receive a book loan
  • No late fees! After 14 days, the book is automatically returned to the originating lender

The toughest part was picking one book, and finding one that is lendable. After searching half a dozen titles, and finding out all of them are not lendable, I was beginning to get discouraged. I finally found a few to borrow, and after a few days, Amazon sent me an email that a book was available to borrow. With three clicks, I had my loaned book to read for the next 14 days before it was returned with no effort from me.

The concept is sound, and since it works like a paperback exchange, you never know what you’re going to get. The more people who put their ebooks on loan, the better the selection. I realized it’s better to request a dozen or more books, because it takes about that many requests to get one book, especially the more popular titles. I think as more books go in the pool this will become the new library for eBooks.

I highly recommend BookLending.com for all Kindle users, and also recommend you loan the books that are sitting on your own Kindle to encourage others to use the service.

When not consuming books by the truckload, J Randayle Greyson is writing her current thriller. You can find her ebook, How to Build a Writing Platform that Works: The New Path to Publishing, at her website, http://TheSurvivalMama.com.