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Reviewed by Lauren Kirk

The Accidental Bestseller is a great book from start to finish. Wendy Wax’s novel is a light and enjoyable read that focuses on four writer friends. While some authors struggle with giving one main character depth, Wax is able to get up close and intimate with her four, strong female heroines.

Kendall, Mallory, Faye, and Tanya are all published authors in different locations, with varying degrees of success. Above all else, the four are close friends. The book begins with Kendall’s faltering career and leads into to the demise of her marriage. As all of these piles up, Kendall decides to flee to her mountain home to escape reality. Luckily for Kendall, her friends all decide to come to her aid. In the mountains, they devise an outlandish plan to save Kendall’s career. No one expects their plan to actually work, but when it does, the results are truly amazing.

Unlike her friends, Kendall’s writing career is faltering, she is about to be dropped by her publisher, and she owes them one more novel. The problem is, Kendall is avoiding writing. She fears that she has lost her gift and fears the issues she has to face in her own life. Kendall’s friends agree to act as ghostwriters and help her meet her deadline. Each will write chapters for their respective characters – characters that they choose to model after themselves, secrets and all.

When the news breaks about the collaboration, their worlds are torn apart, considering Kendall is the only one listed as the author and Mallory, Faye, and Tanya all work for different publishing houses. Not to mention that potential marriage ending and personal revelations that are exposed as a result of the novel’s astonishing success. The four fictional characters are quickly matched to their respective and very real authors. Kendall, Mallory, Faye, and Tanya must fight through bad press, hurt spouses, and angry agents. As a result of the unwanted attention and success, the four women learn much about themselves and each other.

Wendy Wax does a marvelous job of keeping the four women’s stories separate, yet fluidly interchanged. By giving each their own respective chapters, Wax is able to keep their lives, and the various people in them, clear and easy to relate to.

I have read plenty of books with multiple main characters, and it was impossible to keep the story lines straight. That is not the case with The Accidental Bestseller. Kendall, Mallory, Faye and Tanya all maintain their individuality, and their dignity, even when deep dark secrets are revealed as a result of their brilliant plan. This is a great story about writing, friendship, knowing who you are, and adapting to change.

Lauren Kirk is a freelance writer and editor.  In addition to working on her own personal writing, editing Messy Magazine, and writing for multiple sites, Lauren is also currently pursuing her MFA in English. More of her work can be found at : messymagazine.org and goldiesays.wordpress.com.