There has been a flurry of new activity since I last blogged about the now infamous book price wars. Wal-Mart is now offering ten hardcover pre-releases for $8.98 (see Time magazine article), Target has jumped on the bandwagon and is offering the same ten books for $8.99, and Sears is now “competing” with its “Keep America Reading” promotion. The promotion consists of Sears offering a store credit towards a future purchase equal to the amount spent on purchasing ten select books (even if these books were bought at Amazon or Wal-Mart).

Faced with such low prices, some independent booksellers are now thinking about purchasing books for re-sale at Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon instead of going directly through the publisher. As suggested in an article at The Word Hearder, publishers will still be shipping the same number of books, just through different channels. But Wal-Mart, Target and Amazon, that are likely taking a loss by selling the titles at these low prices, may be faced with a higher demand than they anticipated.

Stay tuned…