Reviewed by Jenna Arthur

As a young girl, Eve Duncan lived a shallow life. But things can change, really fast. While backpacking through Europe, Eve met a man and fell deeply in love. A love that was never meant to last. Coming home to her mother’s house Eve quickly learned of a life, growing, inside her. Then and there Even knew that her own life would never be the same.

When Bonnie was born Eve knew a love like she had never known before. And just as quickly as Bonnie was given to Eve, this beautiful, special little girl, was taken from her. Snatched from her right in front of her eyes, Bonnie disappeared leaving Eve longing to know, needing to know what happened to her beautiful baby girl.

Determined and motivated, a new, more mature Eve picked herself up from the ashes and dedicated herself to a life of helping others like herself find their loved ones. She became a forensic sculptor and helped families find peace one face at a time. Now with the help of her close friend Joe Quinn, CIA agent Catherine Ling and Bonnie’s long lost father, Eve will fight to find the answers. The truth is all that matters. Fighting through forests, climbing mountains and following madmen through a thick web of lies, they must fit the pieces together to find out what happened to Eve’s little girl so long ago. With Bonnie just a whisper in the wind, where will a mother’s love lead Eve?

Iris Johansen’s words bring Bonnie to life in the reader’s mind, conveying love, loss and so much more in each and every chapter. Action, romance, suspense and sorrow draw the reader in, mesmerizing them from open to close. Bonnie is a masterful puzzle that fits perfectly into Iris Johansen’s repertoire. The Eve Duncan series are a must read for mystery and thriller enthusiasts alike.

Rating: 4/5

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh, PA with her fiance and her two beautiful cats. Along with her passion for reading and the literary world, she is also an artist, writer, environmental activist, creative coordinator and aspiring culinary genius. She believes there is nothing better to her then a good book, and lives one cover to the next.

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