Blood-Line-cover-500-337x500Reviewed by Meghan Hyden

Ron and Val are married.  They are living a nice, peaceful life until one night when two men break into their home and try to kidnap their 16-year-old daughter, Leecy.  The secrets that they have been keeping for years, especially from their daughter, are now out in the open.  After taking out the two perpetrators and contacting a friend on the police force, they think that everything is going perfectly – until the FBI show up.  Now they have to run to protect themselves, having no idea who they can trust, all the while figuring out the mystery of who wanted to kidnap Leecy and why they are after their family in the first place.

Blood Line was a lot of fun to read.  I instantly felt a connection with this family and, in turn, disliked the people who were against them.  The daughter, Leecy, is my favorite – she handles everything a lot better than I thought she would and really shows just how smart she is in different situations throughout the book.  It’s also neat to see just how much she is like both her mother and her father.  The character portrayal and the descriptions of the scenes are great and make it so easy to see what the author is writing inside your head.

The whole story is full of adventure, from the very first pages, and it kept me so interested that I read the whole thing in one day.  The surprises and twists were unexpected and those, plus the characters, were what made it very hard for me to put the book down.  I like adventure books that are exciting from the very beginning, and in this one, there is always something happening.  It makes the descriptions of things that happened in the past a lot more fun because at the same time as learning something, you’re also kind of panicking, hoping they’ll make it past each moment.

Blood Line was also very well written.  I usually have an issue with first person books because, if not done correctly, they can come across as awkward. Blood Line is definitely not awkward. It flows easily and I really enjoyed seeing how the characters grew closer together throughout the whole ordeal.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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