Reviewed by Jennifer Rasmussen

Who was the ninth Templar Knight? What secrets did the Knights protect? Have scientists discovered the secret to immortality? Gray and Sceichan are on a covert mission to discover the answers to those questions while trying to recover the President’s pregnant daughter–before she’s killed.

Bloodline is a thrill-ride from the very first quote on page 1, and keeps the twists, loops, and surprises coming right up to the very end. It is fantastically written, well-developed, and entertaining.

As a devout Rollins fan, I was glad to see him bring back the entire cast of the Sigma team. Monk and Kat are back in the field, along with bigger roles for Painter and Lisa. This is an intense read, and Rollins’ superb story-telling kept me engrossed in this book–and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. From the very first page, this story drew me in and I loved every minute.

Unlike some of the other thriller writers, Rollins does a great job of developing his characters, making them come alive on the page–and stick in my mind well after I’ve closed the book. He extends their personal lives beyond the action, and ads great depth. The level of intricacy in his plots is fascinating and I’m awed by the level of research he does to make the world come to life.

Even though this is the 8th book of the Sigma series, you don’t have to read the first seven before you get to this one (though if you have some time to kill, I’d highly recommend all of them). I like that this is both a stand-alone book as well as a book that furthers characters that were introduced in the very beginning.

Suggested for: Everyone from teenagers who are looking for something to do this summer (and looking for another fast-paced, Hunger Games-type read) to adults who like a well-crafted story (and the occasional twist).

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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