Reviewed by Abby A.

The teenage years can be seen as one of the most troubling, yet exciting, time periods of one’s life. This proves true for Maya Stark, a young girl dealing with the drama of having a famous musician father and a recently incarcerated drug addict mother. Maya is left to live with her uncle after her mother’s addiction runs her parents bankrupt and into a divorce. Despite the cards Maya has been dealt, she keeps the willpower to find her own path, regardless of her circumstances.

Maya quickly decides that she wants to live a normal, happy life, determined not to follow in either of her parents’ footsteps. She puts herself through school, even though she already possesses a GED, and struggles to keep her relationships strictly platonic. After her experiences with her family, she puts her future in God’s hands, feeling as if he is the only one who can set her footsteps in the right direction.

What Matters Most was a pleasant read, as Maya lets you deep inside her journal and her personal thoughts and feelings. The images she paints with her words truly expose the humble, yet confident person she knows she is deep inside. There is more to her than the life her parents laid out for her, and her words can inspire anyone in a similar situation that where there is a will, there is certainly a way.

Abby lives in coastal New Jersey and spends her free time writing anything from short articles to multi-chapter novels. She loves to read and her favorite book genres are Young Adult, Chick-Lit, and How-To/Guides.

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.