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Reviewed by Amanda B.

Detective Sergeant Michael McCabe works in homicide in Portland, Maine. Late one evening, body of a teenage soccer star is found dumped in a scrap yard. She had been missing for a week and was found assaulted with her heart cut out of her chest. The same day another young athletic woman goes missing. When McCabe finds another similar case in Florida, he concludes that he has a serial killer on his hands.

The killer removes the hearts with surgical precision and knows exactly what he’s doing. Based on the information from previous crimes, McCabe knows that he only has a week to find the missing girl alive. As the investigation begins, McCabe’s ex-wife comes back into the picture and decides she wants to be in their 13-year-old daughter’s life, whom she had abandoned three years before.

The Cutting is James Hayman’s debut novel and is the first book in an upcoming Michael McCabe series. James Hayman writes like a pro and it is hard to believe that The Cutting was only his first. The Cutting was suspenseful and the complex plot had several twists which made it much less predictable that other books in this genre. Hayman will be added to my list of favorite authors and I’m looking forward to his next book.

Amanda resides in North West Georgia and is a mother of two young boys. She received a degree in Early Childhood Education, specialized in computers and currently runs a daycare. She is hardly ever found without a book in her a hand, and reads at least five books a week.