the-choice2Welcome to the blog tour for book 1 in Suzanne Woods Fisher’s Lancaster Secrets series!

Reviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

Carrie Weaver is ready to leave Lancaster County and her Amish community behind for Sol, her beau turned baseball star. While Sol clamors for the outside world, Carrie is hesitant at the looming separation with her father and younger brother. When her father dies unexpectedly, Carries knows that she cannot abandon her hemophiliac brother and tells Sol as much. Lured by the fame of a baseball player’s life, Sol leaves the community alone. Heartbroken and confused, Carrie agrees to marry Daniel Miller, her father’s pick, in the hopes of securing a stable life away from her austere step mother.

The Choice is appropriately named as Carrie is consistently confronted and has to struggle through the consequences of her choices. Just as Carrie’s life seems to settle down, she is thrown into another tailspin. She is a very heartfelt and honest character, which makes it that much easier to sympathize with her trials and wish her a happy ending following all the disasters she has to face.

Suzanne Woods Fisher excels in writing about religion without sounding preachy. The characters’ faith does not seem overpowering, is well interwoven and an integral part of the story. The first half of the novel seems rushed and important events happen at a break neck speed, but the second half is well measured and more apt in developing the characters. The Choice was my first experience with Amish fiction, and I was very pleasantly surprised at its appeal and at how easily I could relate to a story line that was so different from my own life. I love my electricity, washer and dryer and yet, The Choice managed to make the simple life of the Amish appealing even to someone like me.

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