leavingcarolina2Reviewed by Alethea B.

Piper Wick, the main character of Leaving Carolina, is an interesting human to follow. She has a good blend of intelligence, introspection, defensive reactions, and kindness. These characteristics make for someone who, while by no means perfect, is willing to examine her actions, is self honest enough to admit her mistakes, and smart enough to try improvement.

Formerly Piper Pickwick, of the South Carolina Pickwicks, Piper now lives in Los Angeles and works in public relations. ‘Engaged to be engaged’ to a senator from Denver, Piper is called back to South Carolina by her uncle’s lawyer to talk him out of changing his will. Apparently, Piper’s uncle is convinced that he has to include bequests to all the people injured over the years by the Pickwick family. One of the few upstanding Pickwicks, Piper would leave the family to the resulting publicity if it was not for a certain ‘Lady Goldiva’ incident at the Fourth of July parade when she was eighteen.

Returning to her home town after an eighteen year absence, Piper is forced to consider that while most of her family are still the mean, entitled people who made her childhood miserable, some of them can and have matured into decent human beings. And, perhaps, there are some things public relations cannot, or should not, smooth over.

Although Leaving Carolina is light on descriptions, Tamara Leigh still paints an evocative picture of her characters and their relationships. The narrative structure and depths fits with Piper’s (our narrator) personality. All in all, Leaving Carolina is a good one read book with a nice mix of family, faith, restitution, and growth, and a dash of romance.

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