Reviewed by Lauren Cannavino

Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions by Mark Driscoll is not a pessimistic look at Christianity, but is instead a clarifying one that addresses questions that many modern parishes and Christians probably have. Driscoll, a Seattle minister, allowed his congregation to text message him during sermons, and he would provide answers on the spot. These texts led to the creation of a section on his website where people could ask questions and vote on the top questions to be answered. Driscoll took the top nine and preached about them in his sermons. Religion Saves is an expanded summary of the entire project, complete with Biblical references.

The book begins with the controversial topic of birth control and applies it to Christians and the modern society. Driscoll certainly does not shy away from tackling this often sensitive subject. Also covered are sexual sin, humor, grace, dating, faith and works, predestination, the emerging church, and the regulative principle. Religion Saves is a sermon book, laden with Biblical quotes, stories, and analogies.

Driscoll does a wonderful job of getting his point across while expressing and explaining others. There are no hellfire and brimstone rants and Driscoll does not place judgment on anyone. Religion Saves is a balanced account and personal explanations of difficult topics. For the non-religious, this book may be a bit much to get through, follow, or take anything from, yet for those who are interested in a new look at the Christian church, this book offers a fresh new perspective without being fanatical or forceful.

Religion Saves takes real life situations and wraps age old philosophy around them. This makes the situations, stories, and issues understandable in a simple, concise, and very intimate way. Driscoll’s warmth and humor enable him to set the stage for his greater message and for readers to find bits of the book to pertain to their lives and themselves.

About the Author

Mark Driscoll is the founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, one of the fastest-growing churches in America. He is president of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network and is the author of several books, including Vintage Jesus.

Pastor Mark preaches on Sunday, trains pastors, and writes curriculum. Mark is married to his high school sweetheart, Grace, and they enjoy raising their three sons and two daughters. More about Mark here!

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