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Reviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

Double Trouble is the sequel to Nothing But Trouble by Susan May Warren, and continues the story of PJ Sugar. PJ returns to her hometown of Kellogg, Minnesota and right into the arms of her high school sweetheart, Boone Buckam. I have not read Nothing But Trouble and although I did feel lost when it came to certain details of PJ’s life, Double Trouble does stand on its own for the most part.

Broke and barely employed, PJ shacks up with her sister, her brand new Russian brother-in-law and non-English speaking in-laws. PJ is convinced that her stellar instincts will serve her well in the private investigation world and is desperate to prove herself to her boss and head PI, Jeremy Kane. While Boone waits for an answer to his marriage proposal and voices concern over PJ’s job at every opportunity, PJ spends nights on stakeouts – often with Jeremy by her side.

When Jeremy assigns PJ the job of impersonating Dally Morrison, he promises that there will be no danger involved and that it will earn PJ “bonus points” towards an investigation of her own. Dally Morrison is under police protective custody and is set to testify against the drug lord Billy Finch. Suspecting that Billy has sent a hit man to get rid of her, Dally hires Jeremy to whisk her away to a new hiding place while PJ steps in to take her place. PJ figures that the time away from Kellogg will at least give her time to consider Boone’s proposal. Loading up on fake tattoos and donning a black wig, she manages to pass for Dally – or so she thinks. Before long, things begin spiraling out of control, leaving PJ to wonder how much they really know about a woman they are protecting.

Starting Double Trouble, I was initially put off by cutesy names – PJ Sugar, Rudy Bagwell, Boone Buckam – and the somewhat stereotypical Russian characters. Susan May Warren spent 8 years in Russia as a missionary and most likely used her experiences there to create some of the characters for the PJ Sugar series. I grew up in the former Soviet Union and am half Russian, and know that men who wear tight athletic pants and tanks and apparently sunbathe in the nude are not the norm. It’d be a shame for a reader to think that they were.

Getting further into the story, Double Trouble did grow on me and I found it to be quite entertaining and fun. Despite the seemingly dark subject matter, the novel managed to be lighthearted and the characters’ witty banter kept me glued to the pages. PJ Sugar’s instincts pulled her in all the wrong directions and I was taken along for the ride, not even suspecting who the actual culprit might be.

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