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Reviewed by Erin N.

The Hamas (Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement) leader in the Gaza region plans to create a Jihad so spectacular that his reward of 72 virgins and a seat next to Allah is guaranteed. The Israeli Mossad Director of Counter Terrorism Strategy plans to ensure that the Hamas leader, Abu Musa, meets his reward before harming another soul. Musa’s weapon of choice is a group of Islamic sleeper cells strategically located in the Infidels’ lands and supplies from an Iranian terrorist network. Dan Carmel’s (Mossad Director) weapon is a reluctant Israeli Defence Force veteran who served in the intelligence division and pioneered a technology that can locate just about any terrorist in the world. The battleground is post 9/11 United States.

In 72 Virgins, Perry centers the story around the epic struggles in the Middle East and their impact on the western world. The protagonist, Arik Golan, is offered the opportunity to infiltrate the most secret of Jihad cells in America for the purpose of stopping another high profile terrorist attack before it begins. Golan, happily retired, turns down the offer only to be manipulated into doing exactly what was asked through the abduction and supposed death of his fiancee, Rachel.

Abu Musa, a violent serial killer lauded as a Muslim chieftain, enters the United States with the express purpose of activating a terrorist cell. His plan involves sending several suicide bombers to paradise while striking a blow in the hearts of the Infidels on par with Islamic triumph of 9/11. Golan is sent to the US to infiltrate and uncover this plot before it is executed. Golan’s skill at espionage is so adept that he quickly ends up in the thick of the plot, marking himself as a terrorist in the eyes of the FBI and Homeland Security, as well as earning him the murderous hatred and jealousy of Musa. Arik only has a matter of weeks to stay out of the clutches of the FBI, organize and sabotage a Jihad attack, and take Abu Musa down.

Dr. Avi Perry is himself an Israeli Defence Force veteran and a learned professor and executive in the field of high technology. His novel, 72 Virgins, is an action-packed, fictional account of what could possibly happen on US soil…or what has already been prevented behind the scenes of normal American life.

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