birthoffering_anthonyhains (1)Reviewed by Shannon Trenton

Ryan Perry expects big changes when he moves back to his mother’s childhood home in South Carolina. He is still mourning his father’s unexpected death, adjusting to a new town, and preparing to start high school. He hopes to get a girlfriend; what he gets is a fight for his life against evil itself.

Anthony Hains’ Birth Offering is a chilling tale of horror inspired by age-old folklore and Biblical prophecy. When Ryan is attacked by a mysterious, shadowy “twin” and his not-quite-human “brothers”, he must learn the secrets of his own mysterious past to defeat the specter before it devours him entirely. He finds support from FBI agent Jeremy Lund, whose own past ties him not only to the evil beings they face, but those who have fought “alongside the angels of Heaven” to defeat the evil.

Birth Offering is a truly eerie narrative. Hains backs up the story with well-developed characters while deftly avoiding caricatures of the archetypes present. Each character’s role is revealed organically without inappropriate drama, as are the many interesting and unexpected connections between them.

This was not an easy book to begin. After a gripping prologue, the first few chapters were weighed down by many overly descriptive passages. While some details were significant later in the book, most of these rambling paragraphs served little purpose other than to increase the page count.

However, wading through the exposition pays off for the dedicated reader. As the story picks up speed, Birth Offering becomes a gripping page-turner that focuses on the unfolding plot all the way to an outstanding and open-ended conclusion.

Unfortunately, there are also a number of typos and incorrect words throughout the book. This is more likely the result of poor editing, however, and does not reflect on the story as a whole.

Birth Offering was an enjoyable read, rocky start notwithstanding. Fans of horror and suspense, as well as lovers of the supernatural, will devour this modern tale of good versus evil. For added shivers, read it in the dark – if you dare.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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