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Reviewed by Charity Lyman

I am a lover of historical fiction. Give me a book about almost any time period in history and I will enjoy it. I especially look for authors who put a lot of work into detail, as Teresa Nuemann has done here with Bianca’s Vineyard. The cover itself draws you in before you’ve even had time to discover the plot. Believe me, if you like stories based on real life, this is one book you do not want to miss.

True to the title,  the story revolves around Bianca. While the book opens in 2001, we are quickly whisked back to 1913 and the beginnings of a long and difficult journey for our heroine. Enter Egisto, Bianca’s uncle, who is getting ready to sail to America from Ripa. His family wants him married to a woman in the Church, but Egisto wants to marry outside the church. His brothers give him some drunken wisdom and while in a bar, he dances with a stranger. Egisto makes a split second decisions and asks this woman, Armida, to marry him. And to his surprise, she accepts. They set sail for America the next day.

The book goes from day-to-day descriptions to skipping parts which span several years. That would be my main problem–I like more of a daily chapter kind of book.  Nevertheless, Bianca’s Vineyard is very well written. While I was somewhat confused when the story skipped from Egisto and his bride sailing to America to them living in Minnesota 10 years later, it was not too hard to deal with.

The characters are so well developed I almost felt the pain of Armida as she realizes that she wasn’t Egisto’s first love and that he might still love the other woman. Egisto goes through so much and don’t even get me started on the children. The scenery is so realistic I could almost feel the sun and smell the grapes in the vineyard. I loved the historical details especially as they pertained to the Fascist aspect of World War II. Overall, a poignant novel based on a true story that will likely interest history lovers.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Charity lives in Illinois and is the oldest of 6 children. The family also has 3 dogs and a cat. Reading is a hobby when not cooking, baking, sewing or enjoying music. She reads many different genres but Christian fiction is a favorite. Charity can be found often at her blog, Giveaway Lady

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