Reviewed by Alysia George

When the movie The Secret came out and was featured on Oprah, the Law of Attraction became very well known. This law of the universe basically states that people have the power to attract anything they desire and that they are thus capable of creating wonderfully fulfilling lives of their own choosing based on their personal desires. With a certain amount of clarity, and a deep gratitude for all of life’s gifts, people can make their dreams come true. Beyond the Myth by Maria T. Holmes explores the Law of Attraction and explains how to harness its power.

Beyond the Myth is a lovely, glossy book full of colorful pictures and beautifully inspiring quotes. Holmes explains the Law of Attraction and how to utilize it in a way that flows nicely and is easy to understand. She describes what is necessary in order to get the Law of Attraction to work the best, including setting goals, using visualization techniques, living in gratitude, meditating, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Beyond the Myth is a great pocket guide and introduction to the ideas and aspects of the Law of Attraction. It would be a great book for someone new to these concepts and this way of thinking, or as an easy to read reference guide and source of inspiration for those more familiar with the Law of Attraction. This short book does not, however, delve too deeply into the subject matter nor does it offer much in the way of fresh, new material. For readers already well-versed in the Law of Attraction, it should not be mistaken for a learning resource to further investigate the theory nor advance one’s knowledge in it.

Rating: 3/5

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