beyond championships book coverOne lucky reader will receive both editions of Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life by Dru Joyce II, the hardcover release and the teen version (paperback)!

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About the book

Coach Dru was LeBron James’ high school coach, and the father figure LeBron credits with having taught him about life. With the book, Coach passes on much of that wisdom, using 9 principles to lead readers to make better choices, reach their full potential and win in all areas of life:

Decisions Create Environment
The Myth of the Self-Made Man
Use the Game; Don’t Let the Game Use You
Master the Art of Discipline
The Power of Words
The Heart of a Servant
Make Lemonade
Take Charge of Your Own Mind
Dare to Dream

From the foreword by LeBron: “He knew what it meant to be poor, a feeling I was already too familiar with as a ten-year-old. He knew how to transcend his circumstances, and he wanted to share that knowledge with us too…There are a lot of principles in this book that have become cornerstones of my own philosophy on life. But the principle that has probably impacted me the most is to always have the heart of a servant. That’s something I learned from Coach Dru, and in many ways it was at the heart of my decision to return to Northeast Ohio as a basketball player.”

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