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Reviewed by Sarah Horwath

Be With Me by J. Lynn is the story of Teresa Hamilton and Jase Winstead. Both are from very different worlds and both want different things out of life. Teresa is healing from a torn ACL and is basically at college to pass the time until she can go back to doing what she loves, dancing. Jase has too many secrets and more responsibilities than a college kid should have. Jase and Teresa shared a mind-blowing kiss one night and are not quite sure where to go from that kiss.

It has been a while since I’ve read Wait For You, J. Lynn’s first book, so could not remember some of the things mentioned in Be With Me. However, once the story and characters came into better view I remembered how much I enjoyed Wait For You and was ready to dig into Be With Me. I really loved the story line and the chemistry between Jase and Teresa. I think they had the best chemistry between characters I’ve encountered in a while. Jase was super funny but also very mysterious, keeping something from Teresa, which just added to his appeal.

Be With Me does have more darkness to the story line than I’m accustomed to with Lynn’s other books; abuse and dealing with abuse is part of the story but Teresa’s actions in standing up for herself and her roommate only showcase her strength and bravery.

Lynn peppers the book with a few surprise moments that only kept me wanting more. Be With Me is filled with secrets, love and hot hunky men. What more could a romance lover want in a book? To me, this book was so captivating that I just had to read it in one sitting–I could not help but be addicted to Jase and Teresa’s love story. I have practically read everything by this author and have not been disappointed yet. I think I will always recommend a J. Lynn (penn name for Jennifer Armentrout) to any one I know. To me she is just that good of a writer. I cant wait to read more in this series!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Sarah is a college student studying English. One day, she hopes to become an author. For her, reading is much more than just a hobby.

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