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Reviewed by Lauren Cannavino

Andrea Kane fills The Line Between Here and Gone with suspense, mystery and a storyline that keeps you engrossed from the very beginning. The novel is thick, around 400 pages, but it moves quickly and it is not filled with unnecessary characters or descriptions. Everyone portrayed in the book has a role, some more significant than others, but Kane does a nice job of developing everyone appropriately.

Amanda Gleason finds herself in a dire situation after her boyfriend Paul is pronounced dead and she gives birth to a son that has a dire immune disease. The mystery begins when Kane reveals that while Paul was marked as dead, no body was ever found. With no match for the only potential treatment for her baby, Amanda feels hopeless, first with the loss of Paul and now potentially on the verge of losing baby Justin.

Amanda’s world is thrown into even more turmoil when a photographer friend emails her a photograph of a man that looks identical to Paul. Amanda makes the decision to contact the Forensics Instincts team to help her get to the bottom of Paul’s disappearance. The Forensics Instincts team, sensing the urgency of Amanda’s problem and the need to find out what happened to Paul in order to save Justin, agree to take the case and get to work. The Forensics Instincts team is an independent group made up of ex FBI agents, Ex Navy SEALS, a computer whiz and a psychic who combine all of their skills to solve crimes.

When the FI team travels to the Hamptons to begin work on Amanda’s case, all sorts of secrets begin pouring out into the picture. When the team finds that the trail to uncovering the mystery of Paul’s whereabouts can be traced to some of Washington’s most powerful, the story really picks up. The FI team is quick-witted, sharp, and their work will help Amanda and her family more than she can ever dream of.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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